About Aquobex

About Us

Aquobex provides the highest standard of flood protection products and flood management services specific to your individual requirements. Our flood control systems offer effective alternatives to sandbags, utilising higher levels of protection. We work information into intelligence, forming flood products into flood systems.

Our experienced team consists of chartered surveyors, engineers, flood protection and control specialists, business continuity planners, insurance experts and project managers. Aquobex works with a number of technology providers and develops solutions against flood risk at BRE. Any business, infrastructure, home or community in the UK can benefit from our services, and we also have partners in many other countries.

Our clients include:

  • Government bodies
  • Defence organisations
  • Major utility companies
  • Housing organisations
  • Insurance & financial groups
  • Multi-national corporations

Aquobex solutions are...


We are not tied to any one data or product provider but explore the whole of the market to identify best-in-class. We do this through interrogation of performance data, test witnessing and in-house testing of products at our facility at BRE Garston.


Each element will require the appropriate accreditation as a minimum however we will not allow inferior products to hide behind irrelevant or poorly set standards and accreditations.


With our thorough understanding of each element of service including operation, longevity and robustness, you will receive individual guarantees and an overall warranty for your peace of mind.


Our solutions are recognised by mainstream insurers and specialists brokers. They provide the means to obtain flood cover or to negotiate improved terms.

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