ISIS Technology

ISIS Technology™

ISIS Technology™

As a trusted provider of integrated solutions for the management of flood risk and resilience, Aquobex has introduced its newly patented ISIS Technology™. The Integrated Safety and Inundation System (ISIS) will now be incorporated into the design of all of our flood door, flood barrier and flood gate products for both commercial and domestic protection.

ISIS Technology™ has been formed to ensure our flood protection products have minimum damage and disruption to a property, regardless of height and duration of flooding. The start of a new generation of property level protection, our essential installation systems that incorporate this technology are suitably tailored to individual circumstances.

Flood risk is becoming an increasingly widespread problem, as is the need for the right flood protection. With the knowledge that ISIS Technology™ is inherent in the fabrication of all of our flood gates and flood door products, we can assure their installation will provide the very best protection in flood control.

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