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Most industries and professions are guilty of it. It makes communication easier among those in the know but jargon can often isolate or shut out those who don’t quite understand it and the field of flood resilience is no different. In an attempt to bridge the gap between two related but often disparate fields, this article will demystify some terms that are used widely within the field of flood resilience and explain how they might relate to architects.

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Our range of temporary barriers include Rapidam – a PVC coated fabric barrier, K50 – a metal barrier, EcoDam – a water filled barrier, Floodstop – a water (or sand) filled plastic barrier and a prototype mobile passive barrier called AquaFragma.
Having a wide range of solutions is important as they can each fulfil different roles. Some are better on hard surfaces and some on soft surfaces. Some have a large footprint and others a smaller one. Some can go to 2.4m high and others can only manage 900mm of flood waters.
Imagine having the choice though!

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The flood protection industry is growing rapidly and is being pushed forward by both national policy and market forces. However, the danger of this fast pace of growth is that it is ploughing ahead without the empirical evidence needed to base design of defences on.

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Before The Flood is a must see film which has premiered on the National Geographic Channel, made by filmmaker Fisher Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio.