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Six flood defence questions the Autumn Statement should answer

On Wednesday, the Autumn Statement is expected to make significant announcements about future investment in flood and coastal defence. No new money is expected. Instead, two major publications have been promised:

A six-year capital investment plan: a list of individual flood and coastal schemes in England that are expected to be funded between now and 2021. This will be the first such plan, made possible by an unprecedented six-year funding settlement agreed with HM Treasury last year. Until now the Environment Agency has allocated money to schemes on an annual basis, with only indicative plans for future years.

New Long-Term Investment Scenarios (‘LTIS2’): an assessment of future flood and coastal risk management funding needs in England for the next fifty years, based on various assumptions and scenarios. This will update the previous set of scenarios in the ‘Long-Term Investment Strategy’ published by the Environment Agency in 2009. Read the full article.

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