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Stay up-to-date on global flood topics and news items with Aquobex flood updates and information.

What are flood zones?

A good summary of flood zones by Ambiental discussed in their blog, here. They look into what a flood zone is, what is really meant in terms of flood risk and how this seemingly simple classification can affect what you can or can’t do on a site in terms of planning.

Who pays flooding costs ‘could be a legal minefield'

The legal complexities of SUDS which continues to hinder their development. Discussed in an article on DF Today, read here.

What are natural flood defences and do they work?

Interesting article to read here from But the solution can be technology as well, EGRP provides results similar to those of tree planting but with results in 12 weeks rather than 12 years.

What is a Flood Emergency Plan. When do I need one? Why do I need one?

Some good Advuice here from JBA Consulting. “These are all questions you might be asking yourself when you see the term Flood Emergency Plan but Sophie Dusting, one of our flood emergency planners, is on hand to help by sharing her expertise in planning for a flood response. Read More.

Timely advice for the coming winter from Surrey County Council

Do you have a watercourse, such as a ditch, stream or river running through, or alongside, your property? If so, you are probably responsible for its maintenance and in legal terms you are a ‘riparian owner’. Read more.

The EA are ready for this winter's potential flooding. Are you?

Did you know that 100,000 young people live in an area at risk of flooding? But only 75% of 18-24 year olds checked if they are at risk in the last year? This is just one of the headlines from a survey showing how everyone needs to become more #floodaware. Read more.

MPs demand overhaul of Environment Agency flood role

Interesting article in on in which MPs from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee are calling for an overhaul of flood management in England to tackle the rising risk to communities from climate change in a report on Future flood prevention. View here.


Before The Flood is a must see film which has premiered on the National Geographic Channel, made by filmmaker Fisher Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio has travelled the world for the last three years speaking to scientists and world leaders about the dramatic effects of climate change. Watch and find out more here.

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