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Aquobex provide an individual flood protection service package to guide communities through the necessary steps to ensure potential flood events have minimum impact on the local area. Each step provides more than just essential flood warnings, flood maps and information, as we provide the best advice for active community members and if you choose to implement it, a robust solution.

We engage communities in a sensitive and consultative manner to mitigate your specific flood risk, while being empathetic to any particular local issues and acknowledging financial constraint. We work alongside you to manage flood control solutions.

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Desktop Flood Report

Our simplified, desktop flood report will inform you of the flood risk to the community from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface-water-flooding. Being based on indicative data from the leading industry sources it serves to demonstrate the need or otherwise of solutions to flooding. It then provides a call to action if there is risk identified or re-assurance if there is no flood risk.

We can also interrogate strategic flood risk assessments, local flood risk assessments and other available sources to gain an overview of the extent of the flood problem.

Community Engagement

We shall work with community leaders to organise a community meeting where local people can discuss the outline options for flood protection and how these options may be funded.

We can help you work with stake-holders such as local authorities, insurance industry and the Environment Agency to ensure any potential scheme is taken seriously.

Active community members will be provided with tools to build support within the community and to maintain a structured but energetic campaign to obtain flood protection and affordable insurance.

Flood Risk Assessment

Our flood risk assessment will include:

  • Detailed flood model covering the prospective local area
  • Survey of individual buildings
  • Analysis of flood levels against the finished floor levels
  • Checks on abilities and resource within community and agencies

Design & Specification

With a thorough understanding of the problem and the potential solutions, we can specify individual systems and construction works to design an overall scheme. The design will take account of current best practice, guidance, regulation and legislation plus include an allowance for future climate change.


Our installation and construction phase is a critical part of the process and is not left to chance. We offer fully-trained installation teams who have been trained and approved for the respective elements of the scheme. All installation teams work to the highest standards of health & safety and environmental management with an experienced project manager overseeing the delivery of the scheme to ensure minimal disruption to your operation.

Instruction, Testing & Embedding

Our experience and understanding of providing flood protection enables us to provide solutions that can be embedded into any community. In order to prepare your community for flood risk, operation and maintenance manuals are provided along with test deployments and training materials.

Maintenance & Guarantees

Once a flood protection scheme is delivered, a completion pack including certificate, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract will support members of your community to ensure the solution remains in optimum operational condition. Where maintenance contracts are included we make an appointment to carry out a re-inspection and extend the terms of the warranty and peace of mind.

Risk Transfer

Aquobex offers the most transparent and comprehensive means to obtain the management of flood risk and its consequences. This robust process offers the route to obtain the best possible insurance terms with the large insurance companies. Where this is not forthcoming we can work with flood insurance specialists to help member of the community obtain flood continued flood cover.

Why should I choose Aquobex to protect my community?

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  • We provide only appropriate solutions from best-in-class systems
  • The leaders in integrating flood information and engineering technologies
  • Trusted by respected organisations and recognised by insurers
  • Our people are leaders in the industry and pioneers of new approaches to flood management
  • Recognised as a definitive source of technology, knowledge, and data on flood protection
  • Experts in developing solutions for retrofit, reinstatement and new-build
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