Flood Defence Services

A specialist provider of flood defence, Aquobex offers a full range of flood control solutions, matched with the knowledge and experience to provide a service package that is individual to your circumstances. We implement solutions that offer protection against a range of flood risk problems.

Our approach is underpinned by means of analysis, planning, management, maintenance and the primary awareness of financial factors. We provide flood protection tailored to your market sector, working alongside government bodies, defence organisations, major utility companies, housing organisations and more importantly, insurance and financial groups.


Our individually refined service package is delivered in a supportive consultancy style. We aim to guide you through an individual flood defence plan that is relevant to your circumstances and ensures minimum impact on your business, home, community or infrastructure.

We provide you with knowledge and information followed by the best possible advice and if you choose to implement it, a robust solution. Aquobex deliver a sensitive and consultative approach, empathetic to local issues, history and financial constraint.

Our personal and professional service is available for developments of any scale throughout the UK and overseas. If you would like to discuss your flood risk management please contact us today.

Flood Risk Management

Aquobex maintain a specific approach through integrated research to provide effective flood planning and management solutions. Maintenance programmes, schemes and strategies are matched with a consultancy style to guide you through the necessary steps to undertake during flood risk prevention.

Our flood risk management service includes detailed modelled data, analysis of flood levels against the finished floor levels, analysis of the level of specific assets and the inspection of building and contents.

Our service features:

  • Detailed risk assessment reports providing a comprehensive analysis of flood risk for any property in Great Britain and identifying appropriate flood management solutions.
  • Reports that are fully compatible with local authority requirements under PPS25: Development and Flood Risk (or equivalent legislation in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and are prepared by appropriately qualified specialists with extensive experience in dealing with regulatory authorities.
  • Bespoke service provided in conjunction with JBA Consulting to suit redevelopment sites within EA Flood Zones 2 and 3, redevelopment sites larger than one hectare, or properties where a very detailed understanding of flood risk is required (i.e. site-specific flood depths needed for flood protection measures).
  • The focus of reporting can range from the impact which potential flooding may have on engineering and structural design plans or the design and incorporation of flood resistance or resilience measures including the provision of drainage solutions, such as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS).

In addition to a comprehensive flood risk analysis for the property, the report includes an assessment of the standard of flood alleviation measures currently in place, detailed flood inundation flow direction and depth modelling, and drainage capacity assessments.

Through research, analysis and planning, we progress towards an individually tailored flood management plan that is relevant to the circumstances. Seeking to understand the criticality of business functions and assets, we additionally make qualitative and quantitative checks on available resource.

Bespoke services are also available to owners of large property portfolios including development land.

Flood Survey Report

Aquobex offer simplified, desktop reports that inform you of the flood risk to property from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface water flooding.

Our national network of specialist flood surveyors allows communities and properties all over mainland UK to benefit from industry-leading surveys and reports in order to combat flood risk.

Based on indicative data, statistics and information from our leading industry sources, the report demonstrates the prevention methods or a temporary solution to flooding. Upon a risk being identified the user is alerted with a call to action, or given reassurance if there is no flood risk.

Argyll Environmental also offer a full range of more extensive flood risk reports and PPS25 compliant Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs). This provides the user with a definitive method for identifying and managing flood risk in all transaction scenarios.

Flood Risk Screening Reports

Desktop risk screening reports offer a cost-effective method in identifying the risk factors of properties vulnerable to flooding, playing a key role in the delivery of the most effective flood protection solutions. Our reports are commonly ordered with a FLOODSOLUTIONS desktop screening report that clarifies the risks identified at the flood risk screening stage.

The individual designing of reports specifically for residential or commercial properties and large estates is a principle benefit, with each report being suitable for all property transactions including acquisition, sale, remortgage and redevelopment.

Where insurability of the property against flood risk is a concern, the assessment indicates the availability of insurance at the standard rates. For sites where development is planned, the reports indicate whether a flood risk assessment is necessary as part of the planning process.

Each report is tailored to the particular property transaction, with a view to providing sound, cost-effective commercial advice and solutions for flood protection, resilience measures and costs, redevelopment potential of the site (in accordance with PPS25 ‘Development and Flood Risk’), appropriate business continuity planning measures and the likely scope and cost of a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA).

Flood Maps

Our partners at Argyll Environmental provide a wide range of flood mapping solutions for residential and commercial properties. Together, we assess the suitability of properties for insurance risk assessment measured against their individual flood risk. Where development is planned, we decide if a Flood Risk Assessment is required to satisfy the regulations of PPS25.

Using only the most accurate data sets and hydrology studies, our mapping system analyses the risks to specific regions of surface water, ground water, river and coastal flooding. Ensuring property professionals and their clients have a complete understanding of their site-specific flood risks is our priority.


Aquobex provide a fundamental service assisting owners, sellers, buyers, financial institutions and insurers in their understanding of the impact of flood risks. An individual property’s flood risk is analysed and protected by a concise methodology that enables us to determine the most appropriate routes forward.

We provide a precise single map that demonstrates whether the property is at risk of flooding, the likely depth of water flood risk, and a risk assessment combined with a commentary from an experienced Argyll consultant. Using the latest aerial photography, we provide accurate site validation with a 250-metre search radius.

Aquobex ensure additional, comprehensive measures are taken to provide advice and indicative flood resistance solutions prior to and during a flood emergency.


Reviewed by an experienced consultant, an immediate screening of flood risk to all types of commercial property assists owners, sellers, buyers, financial institutions and insurers in their understanding of the impact of flood risks.

Fundamental solutions for all types of commercial property owners are provided through our service, promoting the analysis and understanding of an accurate, fully interpreted flood risk report designed by leading industry experts. Alerts of potential flood risks are directed to all parties and provide commercial advice and assistance.

Risk assessment and a commentary by an experienced Argyll consultant are inclusive in the service, with information of the likely depth of surface water (flash or pluvial), a major cause of flooding in urban areas. The surface water flood risk data we collect is trusted and used by the EA and local authorities for emergency planning and development purposes.

Detailed flood risk maps illustrate clearly, each principal risk type, and are mapped separately for quick and comprehensive understanding. The maps have search radii of up to 500m with the latest high-resolution aerial photography, in addition to the provision of unique dam break data from JBS Consulting also identifies the risk from flooding if a local dam fails.

Aquobex ensure additional, comprehensive measures are taken to provide advice and indicative flood resistance solutions prior to and during a flood emergency.

Installation and Maintenance

Aquobex works in partnership with a network of qualified installers, providing a UK-wide service accredited to the standards of CHAS, ISO, Construction Line and more. With an experienced manager overseeing the delivery of our installation scheme, we ensure minimal disruption to affairs throughout the process. Our team members are specialised within their own individual areas, working to the highest standards of health and safety and environmental management.

The provision of a Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP) is an integral part of any flood protection scheme and required by FEMA (TB 3-93). The plan outlines preparation procedures to follow during a flood emergency, in addition to actions that should be undertaken between flood risks.

Once a flood protection scheme is delivered, a completion pack including certificate, O&M manuals updates, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract is provided to support businesses and staff and to ensure the solution remains in optimum operational condition. Where maintenance contracts are included, we make an appointment to carry out a re-inspection and extend the terms of the warranty to ensure optimum return on investment.

CCTV and Radar Drainage Survey

Utilising the skills and latest technology from underground mapping specialists and consultants, Infotec, together we offer a service to identify defects within the pipes, cables, ducts, drains and sewers of a property. The protection of utilities, power and infrastructure are a key priority before and after flood risk.

Intelligent Trench CCTV

Developed by a team of technology partners, this service uses a combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS asset marking techniques to analyse and protect the underground assets of private and public sector organisations from flood risk. Using non-invasive surveying methods, disruption and excavation to the property is avoided.

Surface Penetrating Radar

The unique system of Surface Penetrating Radar enables the simplified location of non-metallic utilities such as plastic, water and gas mains, in addition to fibre optic cables, the service reducing time and eliminating the need for excavation after flooding.

Safety compliant with HSG (47) and CDM legislation, the technique utilises non-intrusive methods that reduce costs and avoid excavation and disruption to affairs. Our survey reports are available long before intrusive methods with more detailed results through the covering of a wider area. Safe routing solutions can also be achieved for tunneling and directional drilling.


Aquobex offer the most transparent and comprehensive means to obtain the management
of flood risk and its consequences. This robust process offers the means
to obtain the best possible insurance terms or reduce the exposure levels of self-insure schemes.

If your business or home has the reliability of our British Standards-certified products and services, you are automatically empowered with better insurance premiums. We provide unique access to the latest innovations in flood protection technology and services, which are trusted and endorsed by respected organisations and recognised by insurers.

Our consultancy style is designed to be constructive and helpful to each individual. If you have previously experienced problems insuring your property, call us to find out how we can provide you with an insurable solution.

Flood and Fire Restoration

After the event of a flood, the primary aim is to return to the property as soon as possible and stabilising a loss in affairs. With the understanding that flood defences can never completely prevent all losses to a property, Aquobex work in partnership with Arrow Services Ltd, advocating a combination of flood defence and flood resilience measures.

A bespoke, tailored solution is now available from Arrow, providing a high quality service across the UK. Arrow have been ranked third out of 87 suppliers for England and Ireland by Aviva Insurance; measured on health and safety, customer care, processes, time scales and quality of repair and reinstatement works.

Where on-property cases are the concern, flood defences can only protect floodwaters up to a maximum height of 900mm without causing any structural damage. Based on a full structural survey, greater heights can be achieved up to about 1.5m. Our range of off-wall solutions also achieve these heights, however, the pressures are too high for any temporary defences.

Simple steps can be undertaken to reduce flood and fire risk, for example the raising of power points, meters and service entry points above the expected water level, typically 1 metre. Ensuring as much solid flood construction as possible is an effective method in reducing damage to assets.

Internal tanking and the use of cement-based or waterproof plasterboard, installed 1 metre in height horizontally, are additional methods, as are lime-based and breathable plaster that allows the re-plastering of wet walls without a lengthy drying time.

These measures are designed to assist recovery plans and ensure the re-habitation of property premises as immediately as possible.


Temporary Cofferdams / Portable Cofferdams Hire

Worksites often require de-watering prior to building plans and construction. Aquobex offer water-inflated, temporary cofferdams for hire in the UK, including full installation and removal, ongoing maintenance during the construction process and full liability insurance cover. Cofferdams play an essential part in preventing workforces from harm, ensuring quick and effective de-watering of work site areas.

Our cofferdams utilise a patented internal baffle system that ensures safety and stability. As the barrier is exposed to uneven, hydrostatic pressure, the internal baffle system locks into place and ensures the damn cannot roll. Fronting a lifting loop at each end, the barrier is easily controlled by a track hoe arm during installation and removal.

Barriers start at 0.3m and rise to 2.44m in height and 32m in length, with the option of multiple barriers being connected to cover large areas. The barriers are connected by a simple overlapping method, adapting to the shape of any site.

Saving Time

Installed in less time than conventional cofferdam methods; approximately 152 linear metres of barrier can be installed in 1 day using 6 men, 2 track hoes and 2 water pumps.


Made from a scrim reinforced PVC material with industrial grade fittings intended for re-use. The barrier is field-repairable in wet or dry conditions through the use of the repair kit provided with each order.

Environmentally Friendly

Temporary cofferdams are installed using the available water source at the work site, with minimal adverse impact to the environment and post work restoration. The barriers can be simply drained and removed once no longer needed.

Flood Emergency Response Planning

Following the key steps below will ensure you have the best chances of protecting your property from flood risk, while being prepared with a direct response to be implemented in order to protect yourself and staff.

Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP)

As required by FEMA (TB 3-93), a Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP) is an integral part of any flood proofing process. This plan outlines the preparation procedures your business needs to follow to ensure you are prepared during a flood emergency, in addition to the preparation that you should undertake in between flood risks.

These plans are site-specific to the conditions, building structure, type of flooding expected and life safety issues. The plan should ensure proper actions are taken in the correct order, with no key steps overlooked.

All flood-proofed buildings should have a FERP in place to ensure the correct safety measures are taken and knowledge of flood protection under all conditions including power failure is obtained. A routine and maintenance schedule of all components and installation points should also be included in the plan.

An adequate FERP must consider the following details:

  1. Assess time requirements, flooding potential and reliable warning methods.
  2. Establish the criteria for labor recruitment/contractors involved in FERP implementation.
  3. Establish a chain of command, required personnel and alternates.
  4. Define leadership responsibilities for all aspects of plan.
  5. Define and delegate a list of shutdown procedures, specific tasks and duties.
  6. Define actions to protect equipment and materials vital to business operation.
  7. Define necessary materials and location of materials required for installation.
  8. Define installation procedures.
  9. Define notification procedures for personnel.
  10. Define evacuation plan for all personnel, identifying ingress and egress routes.
  11. Determine life/safety concerns during operation.
  12. Define post-flood event procedures, damage assessment, repair and clean up.
  13. Schedule debriefing of key personnel, review overall effectiveness of FERP.
  14. Define revision procedures (for employee transfers, retirement, addition of new buildings and/or equipment, etc.).
  15. Define annual training, exercise program and trial run schedule for personnel.

The FERP’s inspection and maintenance plan includes the following details:

  1. All mechanical equipment, including pumps, drains, valves and generators.
  2. Flood barriers and enclosures, ensuring proper fit, sealing, labeling and storage.
  3. Ensure security of barriers and mechanical equipment.
  4. Walls and wall penetrations for cracks and potential leaks.
  5. Levees and berms, for excessive vegetative growth, cracks or leaks.

Property Portfolio Analysis

Managing more than one property can be difficult where flood risk is a concern. Aquobex now provide a service in which, working in partnership with you, we create a property portfolio containing all your trading addresses and development sites, matched with their flood data and reports to determine values and risks, and to identify properties that are a priority.

Organising all your properties into one simplified structure allows for optimum planning against flood risk, minimal disruption to daily practise and minimal loss in affairs.

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