Our constantly changing environment is presenting challenges to how we live. Flooding is happening more regularly and with more intensity, often with little warning. Aquobex is focused on how we should plan for and manage these devastating events.  

Aquobex protects some of the biggest organisations in the world against flood risk. Leading the industry with expert research, specialist consultancy and proven products, we deliver flood resilience strategies that work in harmony with the environment and technologies that suit the human aspects.

With an impressive track record of protecting people, homes and assets, knowledge underpins everything we do. Any business, infrastructure, home or community nationally or internationally can benefit from our services.

We create and develop sustainable strategies to reduce the impacts of flood risk on our ever-expanding cities, historic settlements and open areas. Our independent approach means using smart thinking to explore new ways to plan our cities; integrating appropriate design strategies at all scales. We protect people and properties through knowledge.

Smart Thinking
Our priority is to work with nature, not against it. Thinking strategically, we monitor drought and flood cycles to see how they can be managed in city planning. We study catchment areas, beaver dams and the way trees work to develop technologies that make space for water and allow for natural floodplain management.

It’s important we grow our network with world-class businesses and products that maintain our values of shaping the future of flood protection and resilience. Our aim is to push the boundaries with forward-thinking and expertise from partners that enable our clients to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

With our facility based at BRE, Watford, testing is at the forefront of our business. We examine how substrates react to water, pressure and temperature to form guidelines and improve building regulations for resilient materials. Setting the standard for the industry, we instigate projects such as the Aquobex Flood Resilient Property and are active participants in the UK’s Property Flood Resilience Action Plan.

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Aquobex takes pride in providing flood protection products submitted to only the highest levels of in-house testing. Q-Mark is our flood product certification process in which we ensure every flood door, barrier, gate and defence meets maximum specification and performance levels.

Our unique accreditation system provides evidence that our flood products are reliably and independently sourced. This confirms each product has been properly tested, manufactured to a consistently high standard and is recognised by authorities, insurance providers and manufacturers.

Aquobex delivers credible and expert flood risk assessment, control and management solutions for businesses, communities, homes and infrastructure. Our flood protection products and flood management services demonstrate high performance through independent testing against exacting requirements and consistent manufacture through approved quality flood control systems.

Partners & Affiliates

Our responsibility lies within the delivery of a co-ordinated and consistent approach for the flood protection of a property, business, community or infrastructure. Aquobex has adopted various methods to ensure our flood control service is fully dependable.

Forming strong relationships with relevant key partners and affiliates allows us to deliver highly competitive flood protection and management solutions across a range of platforms. We work closely with a number of partners to combine knowledge, skills and expertise that offer a range of products and services to satisfy the needs of a broad range of individual flood protection requirements.

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