Can technology assist NFM?

Aquobex and our partners Groundwater Dynamics believe it can. In fact, we believe it will allow the ideas to be migrated and implemented in urban areas as well.

Flood Protection – Time for FloodRe to Step Up!

Aquobex and HR Wallingford call on UK stakeholders to come together around development of a state of the art facility for flood resilience.

Steve Hodgson of the PCA calls on FloodRe to ‘Step Up’ and play its role

When is a flood door not a flood door?

Ensure you read this before buying a flood door. Aquobex detail the need for industry standards for residential flood doors as published in PBC Today

Is it time for investment in mobile flood barriers?

It is not economic to provide new multi-million dollar levees or diversion channels for all flood risk areas, but is it right to leave these areas with nothing more than a relic of world wars, with which to defend themselves from flooding? This article considers the merits of sandbags versus the technology now available.