A British Standard for the whole world

Flood protection products such as door barriers, flood doors and mobile flood barriers can be a significant investment, but with enormous benefits. The trouble has been that no full national standards have existed anywhere in the world, and so confidence in products has been under question.Now, a fully-fledged national standard (BS851188) is finally available; published in the UK but designed to give full confidence to buyers and specifiers all around the world.

Can technology assist NFM?

Aquobex and our partners Groundwater Dynamics believe it can. In fact, we believe it will allow the ideas to be migrated and implemented in urban areas as well.

When is a flood door not a flood door?

Ensure you read this before buying a flood door. Aquobex detail the need for industry standards for residential flood doors as published in PBC Today

Aquobex visits Japan

As part of the EU Gateway Environment and Water Technologies mission to Japan, Aquobex was lucky to visit Tokyo and attend the New Environmental Exposition at the Big Sight Tokyo exhibition centre.