The Aquobex portfolio comprises of flood protection products and flood resilience solutions submitted to the highest levels of in-house testing, independent certification and comprehensive scrutiny. Flood barriers, flood-proof doors and highly innovative solutions such as flood glass can be designed into holistic system of property-level flood resilience, or a wider flood defence scheme encompassing flood walls, flood gates or passive flood barriers can be designed into flood protection for a wider site or community.

Our range of flood barriers, flood doors, flood gates and other innovative products provide a suitable solution for all applications including commercial, residential, community and critical infrastructure. 

Responding to the requirements of our clients for specific or more robust solutions led us to develop our two in-house ranges. The Floodguard range of flood barriers and flood doors is for installation into the built environment, and our Rapidam range of mobile flood barriers is for flexible deployment in any unprepared location.

BSi Kitemark PAS1188 certification for flood protection products

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The testing includes a series of static water tests at different depths and duration, plus wave and current tests.

Certificate number KM584972

Certified flood protection products including flood proof doors, flood barriers and flood gates

Mobile Flood Products

Perfect for emergency response or for use in high risk flood areas, our range of mobile flood barriers and ancillary equipment provides protection quickly where and when you need it.

All mobile products

Commercial Flood Products

A range of flood protection products for businesses. These include flood barriers, flood doors and flood gates with temporary, permanent or passive operation.

All commercial products

Residential Flood Products

A range of flood protection products for the home. These cover both on and off-property applications including sewerage and drainage solutions. In addition, our resilient flood products are designed to get you back in your property quicker.

All residential products

Engineered Flood Products

Bespoke products designed for integration into civil engineering schemes, providing solutions backed-up with calculations and detailed drawings. Designed to suit your operational and structural requirements, from concept to completion.

All engineered products

Aquobex are very knowledgeable in the property protection market, helping us to understand the available solutions, as well as their limitations. We felt that the best solution with the best fit was being proposed, independent of a manufacturer. Products were delivered in a timely manner, and the team were professional and courteous in dealing with all the residents.

Pedr Jones, Waterco Ltd.

All of the residents we spoke with today were very complementary of you and your team, especially Mr and Mrs Payne and also Mr and Mrs Watling. They felt that the workmanship was excellent and the installers were polite and knowledgeable.

Essex Home & Dry Scheme