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Non-Return Valves


  • Used to prevent sewage and surface water entering your property
  • Protection for ground floor toilets and showers
  • Appliance NRVs protect dishwashers and washing machines from back flow
  • 2-flap NRV is best solution but not always practical
  • Range of NRVs to suit all applications
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  • A revolutionary and environmentally friendly solution to drain long-term sewer maintenance
  • Simple push-and-fit installation into existing manholes
  • The removal of the top plate provides an optional overflow pipe for the event of a storm surge
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Pumps and Sumps


  • A range of pumps are available to meet all needs
  • Portable “puddle sucker” pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • High and low pumping rate pumps
  • Continuous use pumps
  • Options for automatic pumping
  • Don’t forget a diesel generator as an emergency power back-up
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