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Rapidam Tube


  • Temporary and recyclable flood defence
  • Easy to use, with an anti-rolling patented design and ergonomically designed handles
  • The unit is highly suitable for water authorities, councils, civil engineering contractors
  • Most effective as a temporary cofferdam when required to create a dry working area in the repair of canals, river banks and other water courses
  • Minimal labour and organisation required
  • Uses available water as the fill material to stabilise and seal
  • Twin tubes and internal baffles prevents rolling
  • High-frequency welds ensure this outlasts inferior stitched products
  • Adaptable to different terrain types and configurations
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  • Easily assembled modular block flood wall
  • Temporary or permanent solution
  • Can be used as a “foundationless” flood wall
  • Can be used to stabilise slopes, embankments, riverbanks and coastal areas
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  • Passive flood barrier
  • Operates automatically through buoyancy of separate float
  • Can be designed for any height or length
  • Engineered to meet loading requirements
  • Integral safety barrier to remove risk of trips and falls
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Rapidam Rigid


  • Metal temporary flood barrier 1100mm, 1800mm and 2500mm high
  • Unlimited lengths at 2500mm centres
  • Easy to install from the safe (dry) side of the barrier
  • Once bottom beam is installed a 200mm barrier is in place
  • Optional ground sheet for use over uneven ground and to improve sliding resistance
  • Fast and flexible deployment with mimimal parts and complexity
  • Solid and stable design provides great confidence
  • No sheet membrane required – just stack up the beams and compress them down
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Rapidam Flexi


  • Rapid deployment makes the flood barrier ideal for emergency situations
  • Single component system removes complexity compared with comparable products, flexible membrane flood barrier
  • 100m can be deployed by 4 operatives in 30-40 minutes
  • Available in lengths up to 200m and heights of 0.5m, 1m and 1.2m
  • Modular construction allows for lengths of many kilometres
  • Handling unit (RHU) can store 120m and be used to ease deployment
  • Conveniently easy to clean, durable and reusable
  • Temporary and demountable barrier options
  • Mobile flood barrier
  • Uses the weight of the floodwater to seal to undulations in ground
  • Easy to store local to flood or in central store
  • Minimal manual handling
  • No fill material required
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