Floodguard Level Threshold Heritage Door


  • A flood-proof door designed for where a level threshold is required
  • Heritage door design with bespoke wood finish which can replicate existing door aesthetics
  • Stable door versions available
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Easy operation with low handle force
  • Compliant to PAS1188-1:2014

The Floodguard Level Threshold Heritage Door from Aquobex will be the first on the market to offer a completely level threshold. Versions exist in the market with minimal thresholds but this door will set new standards in flood protection, style and ease of use.

The first version of the door will address requirements to protect the UK’s Grade II listed properties which sets particular challenges for our in-house engineering team.

Current flood doors have an upstand (the lower horizontal section of the door frame) of 40mm so this presents a substantial trip hazard to doors that are in the retail, commercial and general public access buildings, excluding these property owners from utilising the best available solutions to combat their flood risk.