DamEasy provides a demountable flood defence barrier for residential and commercial properties. The barrier is unique as it is simple and quick to install and does not require any tools, fixtures or fittings.

The barrier consists of a panel whose width can be varied mechanically to suit the opening being protected. The extended panel is surrounded by a rubber seal that can be manually inflated to complete the sealing action.

Depending on the location of application, the operating environment can vary from a treated urban water leak, through sewerage infected river or lake water, waters with industrial chemical pollution, or even sea water.

The dimensions:

  • Barrier fits an opening of: 780mm to 1,100mm (30” to 43”)
  • Barriers complete with extension pole suits an opening of 1,680mm to 2,300mm (67” to 90”)
  • Barrier complete with 2 extension poles suits an opening of 2,580mm to 3,300mm (101” to 130”)
  • Height: 720 mm
  • Width: Adjustable 780 mm to 1,100mm
  • Depth: 60mm
  •  Mass: 19.8kg


The product consists of a centre piece, and two wings. The wings slide in and out of the centre piece, allowing the panel’s width to be adjusted to fit a range of door openings. The wings are linked together by a screw mechanism. The movement of the wings is controlled by a ratchet handle. Direction of movement of the wings is controlled by a reverse button on the ratchet handle. Sealing of the door opening is maintained by a patented, inflatable rubber tube arrangement, that surrounds the extended frame. When the panel is held in position by the extended wings, the tube is inflated by a manually operated, built-in, air pump. The air system has a built-in air pressure gauge.


There are three basic steps in the installation and use of the product; a) Putting the barrier in position in the selected doorway.

b) Extending the barriers width, to fix it firmly in the doorway, through operation of the manually operated, geared, mechanism.

c) Inflating the rubber seal by means of a built-in hand operated pump.

Installation is very straightforward. The barrier is placed in the doorway to be protected, with ratchet handle faced to the inside. The wings are extended, by operating the ratchet handle, to enclose the opening. The ratchet handle is then pushed into its storage position.

When the barrier is firmly fixed in place, the rubber tube is inflated to seal the opening. The security cover is put in place, to prevent unauthorised access to the controls. It covers the air pump and ratchet handles, but allows sight of the air- pressure gauge.

The security cover is removed. The rubber tube is deflated by the deflation button, housed in an alcove beside the air-pressure gauge. Finally, the ratchet handle is reversed, and the wings are retracted to free the barrier from the doorway.



Main Body: ABS2100 – GR10 Glass Fibre Reinforcement

Inner Mouldings: POM M90-44 Polyacetal

Reinforcement: Stainless Steel 304

Gear System: Brass

Compression Seal: EPDM 40-50 Shore A

Inflatable Seal: (Patented)

Pneumatic Parts: Supplied by Festo Germany



✓ CE marked in accordance with the 2006/42/EC The Machinery Directive

✓ “Seal of Quality” in “Safety in Flood Protection” tested by independent body TUV Sud and certified by the European Flood Protection Association (EVH).


Advantages of the DamEasy Barrier:

  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier creates a watertight seal around the door reveal when installed. It is the only domestic flood barrier with a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal.
  • The competitive advantage of DamEasy comes from the ease of installation (3 minute average) without the use of any tools or fixings.
  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier is adjustable and can cover reveal widths from 780mm to 1,100mm with one barrier
  • It can extend to wider openings with the DamEasy Extension Pole for multiply barriers: 1 barrier up to 1,100mm, 2 barriers up to 2,200m, 3 barriers up to 3,300mm
  • The barrier is sold in a unique storage system which protects the barrier when not in use and is carbon friendly
  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier is patented and is the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defence system without fixings and with an inflatable seal
  • The barrier has been certified by EFPA (European Flood Protection Association) and has CE certification.
  • All our barriers are tank tested prior to packaging
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