Aquobex first came across Aquacast when we met its inventor (Zak), from the Isle of Man at a trade show in London. Following many interesting conversations we discovered the product had many uses for flood protection as well as embankment strengthening but our key interest was how it could be used as a “foundationless flood wall”

In this application we felt that it had many advantages for riverside flood protection and also to protect roadway underpasses.

Situated in the middle of the road in an underpass it could retain the water in one carriageway whilst leaving the other passable to traffic.

As a flood wall it could be easily installed next to a riverbank and with the offset W-block construction it would also form ideal places for vegetation to grow as well as homes for riverside creatures. A truly environmentally friendly flood barrier solution.

Since those early days Cemex is now manufacturing the blocks and it has been rebranded as ReadyAquawall although the product is still available from Aquobex as well as Cemex.

As well as the above applications Aquobex is exploring the use of ReadyAquaWall to address mudslides and embankment protection in countries across the world where flooding is even more prevalent than in the UK

The picture above shows ReadyAquawall in our test tank at BRE Watford where we successfully tested a number of different jointing methods to ensure the vertical and horizontal joints were waterproof. Our conclusion is to use readily available builder foam to fill the gaps.


  • Easily assembled modular block flood wall
  • Temporary or permanent solution
  • Can be used as a “foundationless” flood wall
  • Can be used to stabilise slopes, embankments, riverbanks and coastal areas