Aluminium Slot-in Barrier


  • Versatile aluminium sectional flood barrier
  • Heights up to 2.4m and unlimited widths
  • Provide perimeter flood protection or aperture flood protection
  • Suitable for loading bays, pedestrian walkways or for linear flood defence
  • Section widths of up to 6m in between support stanchions
  • Removable stanchions available
  • Lockable pressing tool to prevent theft of beams

There are numerous ‘stop-log’ type flood barriers available around the world, all based on a simple principle of slotting in aluminium beans into a side U-channel. Many do not have the strength to span typical width requirements without the use of a centre posts; some require centre posts at intervals as small as 1m which means that deployment time can render this type of solution as unsuitable.

Aquobex offers slot-in beams which can span up to 6m width without a centre post and without the numerous additional operations required on rival products.