Aluminium Slot-in Barrier

There are many slot-in barriers on the market in the UK and they all work to varying degrees. As well as being able to protect your building from flood waters they must also be easy to use and fast to deploy.

Barriers that do not use horizontal beams of sufficient thickness will not span large openings without the need for mid-point stanchions. Barriers with inadequate vertical and horizontal gaskets will require additional compression to effect a good seal. Both of these issues affect the usability of the product and will slow down deployment times.

The Aquobex accredited slot-in barrier is able to span a width of up to 6m at a flood height of 600mm in a single span. Ideal for large factory openings and easy to deploy with 2 men.

A new lower cost version (the SL25) uses a slightly thinner beam which makes it ideal for residential environments where opening widths of 2.5m can easily be protected with a single span solution.

Making this range of slot-in barriers ideal for residential, commercial and utility applications.


  • Slot-in barriers are extremely versatile in their range of modular heights
  • Barriers can be mounted on the property or where higher flood protection is required they can be used as a perimeter barrier
  • Simplistic design suitable for most doorways, windows, pedestrian walkways, loading bays, shop fronts and more
  • Heights up to 2.4 m and widths up to 6m
  • Lockable pressing tool to prevent theft of barrier planks