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Floodguard Screw-in Barrier


  • Demountable flood barrier provides the same protection as a permanent barrier
  • Lightweight barrier for ease of use by all
  • Easily screwed into pre-installed sockets
  • No back-frame required
  • Originally designed for historic properties
  • Works on properties with no door threshold
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Floodguard Clip-in Barrier


  • First flood barrier to achieve Kitemark PAS1188-1:2003 certification
  • Installed in over 3,000 properties, in UK, USA, France and Netherlands
  • Lightweight barrier for ease of use for all
  • Demountable flood barrier provides the same protection as a permanent barrier
  • U-shaped back-frame and easy clips for fast deployment
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  • Unique in that it does not require any permanent fittings
  • Easily positioned without the assistance of an installation team
  • Effective method for heritage or listed buildings
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  • Can be painted to match the surrounding wall colouring
  • A lightweight structure, the flood barrier is easily applied to a back-frame and screwed into place using 6 handles
  • Providing the same protection as a permanent flood defence
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Pivot Barrier


  • Specifically designed for flash flooding and spill defence
  • Permanently positioned in areas where these events might occur with a need to be alleviated immediately
  • An effective solution for low-level flooding or chemical spills inside factories
  • Single-point locking mechanism to clamp it into place at the turn of a lever
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Drop-Down Barrier


  • Suitable for large-width vehicular entrances
  • The drop-down flood defence uses direct-drive electric motors
  • Dead-stop breaking system for extra safety
  • Further flood protection measures also allow the barrier to be manually raised and lowered
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Swing Gate


  • For use in perimeter walls
  • Can be fixed permanently in place in preparation for flooding
  • Available semi-permanently installed
  • Produced from lightweight aluminium
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Aluminium Slot-in Barrier


  • Versatile aluminium sectional flood barrier
  • Heights up to 2.4m and unlimited widths
  • Provide perimeter flood protection or aperture flood protection
  • Suitable for loading bays, pedestrian walkways or for linear flood defence
  • Section widths of up to 6m in between support stanchions
  • Removable stanchions available
  • Lockable pressing tool to prevent theft of beams


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  • Passive flood barrier
  • Operates automatically through buoyancy of separate float
  • Can be designed for any height or length
  • Engineered to meet loading requirements
  • Integral safety barrier to remove risk of trips and falls
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  • A passive flood barrier
  • Rated for pedestrian, vehicle and highway loadings
  • No need for human intervention or power
  • Suitable for flash flooding where insufficient warnings are available
  • Helps retain critical services during a flood
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  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier creates a watertight seal around the door reveal when installed. It is the only domestic flood barrier with a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal.
  • The competitive advantage of DamEasy comes from the ease of installation (3 minute average) without the use of any tools or fixings.
  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier is adjustable and can cover reveal widths from 780mm to 1,100mm with one barrier
  • It can extend to wider openings with the DamEasy Extension Pole for multiply barriers: 1 barrier up to 1,100mm, 2 barriers up to 2,200m, 3 barriers up to 3,300mm
  • The barrier is sold in a unique storage system which protects the barrier when not in use and is carbon friendly
  • The DamEasy Flood Barrier is patented and is the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defence system without fixings and with an inflatable seal
  • The barrier has been certified by EFPA (European Flood Protection Association) and has CE certification.
  • All our barriers are tank tested prior to packaging
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