Aquobex is committed to the highest standards in the industry.

This means product testing and certification, and quality, environmental and health and safety certification. We also meet the standards expected of any leader in a global industry in terms of data protection, welfare of workers and business ethics.

Flood Protection Product Testing

To demonstrate that a product is fit-for-purpose as a flood protection product, the requirement is to test to PAS1188 and achieve leakage within an allowance set within the standard. This involves a series of tests under static water conditions, and then tests for waves and current. In addition, the lab is equipped for impact tests, over-flow tests, and destruction tests. 

Aquobex has made significant investment to build its own in-house test capability to ensure that all of its own product meet this standard as a minimum. This resource is also offered to those in the industry as a whole who wish to demonstrate that their products meet this industry standard and the testing can be carried out independently by either BSi or BRE. Aquobex is unique in the industry in having offering capability.

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Flood Protection Product Certification


Successful testing by an independent body such as BSi or BRE can lead to product certification such as Kitemark (PAS1188) or a British Standard (BS851188). PAS1188 is in its third revision since its launch in 2003; the BS is shortly to be published in draft form ready for launch late 2018/early 2019.

Aquobex in its role as owner of the test facility and as an industry leader has provided representation, serving as the sole industry representative on the drafting committee.

In developing and supplying flood protection products, Aquobex’s default position for each new product is that they will be tested and independently-certified. This applies to its own products and any 3rd party products which may be sourced. This website indicates which certification apples to each product.

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Quality can be a vague term but we at Aquobex are clear that when we deliver quality we are designing, fabricating, installing and carrying out any process to the highest standards in the industry. These processes are all defined in our Quality Procedures which are not just compliant with ISO9001 they are independently audited and certified.