Aquobex provides a dynamic flood risk management package to ensure potential flood events have minimum impact on your infrastructure and services.

Each step provides much more than just essential flood warnings, flood maps and information, enabling us to offer independent advice and proven solutions.

Trusted by respected organisations around the world, Aquobex spearheads the industry in sourcing technology, knowledge and data on flood protection.

Our team can integrate flood information to provide best-in-class products and engineer bespoke technologies around your infrastructure and networks.

If your organisation has already conducted flood risk assessments, we can lead you through the design and specification stages, working alongside consultants and engineers involved in your project.

1. Desktop Flood Report

Our simplified desktop flood report informs you of flood risk to your infrastructure from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface water flooding.

Based on indicative data from leading sources, the report provides a call to action where protection is needed or reassurance that risk is low.

2. Flood Risk Assessment

This in-depth study includes detailed modelled data geared toward levels of probability set by you and analysis of flood levels against the finished floors and assets.

Our team will evaluate your infrastructure to determine the level of criticality and carry out qualitative and quantitative checks on your available resources.

If you own large networks, Aquobex can provide an entirely bespoke service.

3. Design & Specification

Once we have a thorough understanding of the risks surrounding your infrastructure, we will design and specify a complete scheme of individual systems and construction works to meet your budget.

For larger schemes this may include recommendations on changes to your operational plan, interim flood protection measures or services to produce immediate benefit.

Our design will follow current best practice and guidance, regulations and legislation, and include an allowance for future climate change.

4. Installation

Our approved installation teams are extremely skilled at engineering challenging construction projects and are certified for specific high risk environments.

Aquobex works to the highest standards of health & safety and environmental management, and an experienced project manager will oversee the scheme to ensure minimal disruption to your operation.

5. Instruction, Testing & Embedding

With unlimited knowledge of business processes such as BCM plans, flood emergency response plans and their designs, we are able to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly into your operation.

In order to prepare your organisation for flood risk, Aquobex supplies all operation and maintenance manuals, along with test deployments and training materials.

6. Maintenance & Guarantees

Our completion pack will include your certificate, O&M manuals updates, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract to support you and your staff and keep your flood protection in optimum operational condition.

For maintenance contracts, we will carry out a re-inspection and extend your warranty to ensure the best return on your investment.

7. Insurable Solutions

Aquobex offers transparent and comprehensive ways to manage your flood risk and the effect it can have on your infrastructure.

Our robust process ensures you are entitled to the best possible insurance terms and can reduce the exposure levels of self-insure schemes.

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