The earlier you consider flood resilience in the building design stage, the more streamlined your project phasing will be and the more cost-effective your solutions will be. Aquobex’s team of experts can call on their experience in architecture, construction and engineering to advise your team when planning, designing and specifying best-in-class flood products to ensure aesthetic integration and successful project delivery. The earlier we work together, the better.

We are dedicated to designing passive, integrated flood protection that doesn’t compromise the aesthetics or functional qualities of a building. Aquobex products are engineered into your property, reducing the cost and eliminating the need for retrofitting.

The Aquobex team uses a definitive source of technology, knowledge and data on flood protection to design and install pioneering systems that lead the sector. Our in-house experience of architectural design and projects means we speak your language, whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential property.

1. Desktop Flood Report

Often an essential part of the planning application process, this top-level report details historical geological data. This will identify which Environment Agency flood risk zone you are in (1, 2 or 3) to determine a flood risk assessment. Our experience allows us to offer the ideal interpretation of the report and advice on how to overcome identified risks.

2. Flood Risk Assessment

This extensive analysis covers flood depths and duration, level of risk to your site and water transmitted to surrounding areas.

Our team looks at risk-reduction measures including escape routes, evacuation plans, and ways to aid drainage on natural floodplains.

We can also help you understand surface water risk and the benefits of SUDS.

This assessment is vital for the design criteria of your project.

3. Design & Specification

Our holistic approach incorporates architectural experience with technical product knowledge, navigation of the planning system, topological understanding of flood risk, specification of materials and correct methods of installation.

We understand that any design choices must also consider other aspects of building performance such as energy performance, part-M (disabled access) and other BS standards. We design out the risk from day one.

4. Site Support

If you need on-site assistance, we can help with construction details and ensure the right construction and installation methods and materials are used from start to finish.

Our team’s expertise is based on primary research and testing conducted at BRE Watford, HR Wallingford, our own in-house testing and in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University.

5. As-built Package

As a finished product we provide all product details, test results, drawings and user manuals in one inclusive package on completion.

6. Maintenance & Guarantees

Aquobex supplies all certificates, warranties and product guarantees. If designed to the correct specification, the homeowner can be back inside their property within 4 weeks.

7. Insurance

Our products ensure your clients’ houses are insurable and allow you to build with confidence in a zone 3 area.

PwC Barrier Solution

Following two burst water mains incidents that swamped the underground car park and basement area at their London offices, PwC decided it was time to take action to prevent this from happening again.

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Essex County Council

After fluvial and surface water flooding to residences in the Essex area, Aquobex was commissioned to carry out detailed surveys of the properties, including structural elements of listed and historic buildings.

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