Aquobex offers an individual flood protection package to guide your community through the necessary steps to ensure potential flood events have minimum impact on your area.

Each step provides much more than essential flood warnings, flood maps and information, enabling us to offer the best advice for active community members and, if you choose to implement it, a robust solution.

As experts in developing solutions for retrofit, reinstatement and new-build projects, we are capable of designing and installing protection for every kind of property in your area.

We will only ever propose best-in-class products that are relevant to your community’s needs. Our people are here to provide reassurance and mitigate your specific flood risk in a sensitive and consultative manner.

Connecting with your community, we are empathetic to local issues and can devise strategies to overcome any financial constraints. Aquobex will work alongside you to manage your community’s flood control.

1. Desktop Flood Report

Our simplified desktop flood report informs you of flood risk to your community from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface water flooding.

Based on indicative data from leading sources, the report provides a call to action where protection is needed or reassurance that risk is low.

We can also look at strategic flood risk assessments, local flood risk assessments and other available sources to understand the extent of the problem.

2. Community Engagement

Aquobex will work with community leaders to organise a meeting where local people can discuss their options for flood protection and how the scheme may be funded.

We can help you work with stakeholders such as local authorities, the insurance industry and the Environment Agency to ensure any potential scheme is taken seriously.

Active community members will be provided with tools to build support within your area and maintain a structured and pro-active campaign to obtain flood protection and affordable insurance.

3. Flood Risk Assessment

This in-depth study includes a detailed flood model covering the prospective local area, a survey of individual buildings and analysis of flood levels against the finished floor levels.

Our team will also carry out checks on abilities and resources within the community and agencies.

4. Design & Specification

With a thorough understanding of the problem and the potential solutions, we will design and specify a complete scheme of individual systems and construction works.

Our plan will take account of current best practice and guidance, up-to-date legislation and regulations and an allowance for future climate change.

5. Installation

Aquobex’s qualified installation teams are extremely skilled at engineering community construction projects and work to the highest standards of health & safety and environmental management.

An experienced project manager will also oversee your scheme to ensure minimal disruption to your area and its residents.

6. Instruction, Testing & Embedding

Our experience and understanding of flood protection enables us to provide solutions that can be embedded into your community.

In order to prepare local residents for flood risk, operation and maintenance manuals are provided along with test deployments and training materials.

7. Maintenance & Guarantees

Once your flood protection scheme is delivered, a completion pack including certificate, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract will support members of your community to ensure the solution remains in optimum operational condition.

Where maintenance contracts are included, we will make an appointment to carry out a re-inspection and extend the terms of the warranty for peace of mind.

8. Insurable Solutions

Aquobex offers the most transparent and comprehensive ways to manage your flood risk and the effect it can have on your community.

Our robust process ensures your residents are entitled to the best possible insurance terms with leading companies.

We can also work with flood insurance specialists to help community members achieve continued flood cover.

Essex County Council

After fluvial and surface water flooding to residences in the Essex area, Aquobex was commissioned to carry out detailed surveys of the properties, including structural elements of listed and historic buildings.

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Canadian Property

Sam Valentine lives in Calgary, Canada, an area often prone to dangerous levels of flooding during the autumn and winter seasons. In 2013, Calgary experienced extreme flooding that was the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history.

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