We offer a huge multitude of skills and services for organisations and individuals involved in the safeguarding of people and properties.

Aquobex works alongside government bodies, defence organisations, major utility companies, housing organisations and financial groups to deliver the world’s leading flood risk management service.

Our approach is underpinned by the highest level of knowledge and industry expertise that allows us to provide intelligent data, new methods in flood resilience and game-changing technologies for every field.

Architects & Designers

Aquobex is working hard to see flood resilience considered and ‘designed in’ to new build projects. Architects and designers consult with us on strategic flood management, specification of the correct product and construction details.

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Emergency Planners & Responders

Aquobex can work with your team of emergency responders and planners to provide a definitive source of flood risk data, knowledge and rapid response technologies. Partnering with you to assess the problems and form new strategies, we can help you to develop robust flood emergency protocols the general public can rely on.

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If your business requires a dynamic and guaranteed flood protection service package, we are prepared to provide not only data and information, but intelligence, understanding and a highly effective proposed strategy.

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Insurers & Brokers

Aquobex can provide your organisation with leading independent advice and best-in-class products that help your customers achieve better insurance premiums. Partnering with the biggest insurance companies in the world, we develop strategies that cut costs and offer reassurance for all parties.

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Community Groups

Our expert team is on-hand to protect your community from the devastation that could be caused to homes and public spaces in your area. We can help you establish whether your postcode is prone to flooding and provide a guaranteed flood management scheme based on local data and intelligence.

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Critical Infrastructure

If you manage large or complex infrastructure networks, Aquobex can work alongside your organisation to plan and design an effective flood management strategy based on intelligent local data and in-depth understanding.

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Government & Aid Organisations (NGOs)

Major emergencies or the risk of them happening compel government organisations and NGOs into increased preparedness, response action or recovery efforts.

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