Meet the team

John Alexander


John is one of the original founders of Aquobex and partnered with Gavin in 2010. Having worked alongside each other as suppliers and distributors on a huge array of projects, they discovered they shared the same goals for the flood market. With traditional methods still failing in every sector, they developed a new generation of flood consultancy with knowledge at its core.

Focused on providing best-in-class products, John’s experience in the sales and telecoms industry has given him the tools to build a network of accomplished and proven flood partners. Outsourcing businesses for their strengths, John is able to combine the most valuable skills the industry has to offer.

John is currently developing Aquobex's offering of IoT, big data and machine-learning tools to enable better management of all phases of the a disaster, and broadening the range of solutions to include earthquake, wildfire and other hazards apart from flood.

Gavin George


After a near-miss on his own home in 2001, Gavin discovered that there was no industry for flood protection and little support for flood victims. With extensive experience in the sales, financial and marketing sectors, he joined forces with co-founder of Aquobex, John Alexander, to develop a new business model.

Helping to bring prominent products such as Floodguard and Rapidam to the market, Gavin managed some of the first major property level flood protection schemes in the UK. He has since helped Aquobex evolve into the leader in the field of testing and integrating world-class flood products and systems.

Alongside his innovative and highly skilled team, Gavin develops robust and holistic approaches to flood risk, with a focus on designing new solutions to fill gaps in the market. Working with people equally committed to having a positive impact on the planet, Gavin looks forward to pioneering progress within the industry.



Martin is a knowledge transfer associate in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University. Channelling the expertise of the university into the company, Martin also relays the latest developments from Aquobex in the forms of advancing research and new technologies.

Managing research projects to further the business, Martin balances the needs of both academic partners and commercial partners. Combining their different approaches and aims, he liaises with industry leaders and policy makers in the field of flood resilience.

Knowing that the research Martin carries out will ultimately improve the safety of many people is what makes his role highly rewarding. He is passionate about the challenges that lie ahead and future opportunities to push the field forward.

Ron Whitehead


Ron is a specialist in flood alleviation of properties and assets and has worked in this sector since 2001. He is now Technical Consultant at Aquobex providing guidance for all the surveying, design, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of schemes across the UK for utility and commercial sectors.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Fellow of the Association of Building Engineers and has sat on many steering groups and committee’s advising UK Government and key governmental bodies on flood issues.

He is the immediate past Chairman of the Flood Protection Association from April 2004 until August 2011. He has been a director of the Flood Protection Association since April 2004 until 2012.

Henry Clarke


As a chartered surveyor and property director, Henry has led national property portfolios for major corporations such as The Crown Estate and British Rail. His deep understanding of the risks and impacts to both life and property underpin his dedication to protect against the increasing threats of flooding.

Henry is passionate about raising awareness of the potential for flood damage and maintains an active role in moving the issue up political, personal and commercial agendas. With Aquobex a market leader in flood protection and property resilience, Henry supports its development of proven solutions across all sectors, from critical infrastructure to businesses and homes.

Henry is chairman of the Board of Aquobex and offers his own property and business leadership experience to broaden the skills of their committed, professional team and assist flood prone areas.

John Panczak


John’s extensive background in the financial sector gives him a unique ability to bring the ambition of rapidly growing businesses to fruition. As a PwC qualified chartered accountant, his experience at commercial director level has helped Aquobex gain its high end reputation and prestigious clients such as the Environment Agency, EDF/Spie (France), Carillion Amey, PwC, Essex County Council and many more.

Monitoring the achievements and expansion of Aquobex, John is responsible for maintaining close relationships with each of the respected partners in the business. Delivering principle advice and solutions to clients and affiliates, John utilises the most trusted knowledge and expertise from around the world.

Nick Richards


Having managed quickly evolving companies for over 30 years, Nick is an advisor and non-executive director at Aquobex and helps to meet the strategic goals of the company. His experience is predominantly in creating successful brands, forming significant joint ventures and building partnerships both domestically and across the globe.

Nick is committed to the company’s responsibilities of providing honest and knowledge-based consultancy and an outstanding level of service. From the earliest stages of the business, Nick has been continually impressed by Aquobex’s commitment to ‘do the right thing’ by insisting on industry-leading products and strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations.

With Aquobex now a major force within the flood protection industry, Nick looks forward to being a part of this thriving business and motivated team with the power to improve flood resilience for ever.

Linda Blundell


Linda is responsible for the project management and delivery of Aquobex installations across the UK. With significant credentials working alongside insurance companies, national house builders and warranty providers, Linda delivers multiple property repairs, refurbishment projects and complex construction jobs.

A key part of Linda’s role involves guaranteeing installations are completed to a high standard, on time and within budget. As a proven problem solver and team player, Linda’s strong people skills support her in providing excellent customer service.

Seeing first-hand the damage and devastation caused by floods, Linda is dedicated to working closely with home and business owners to provide flood resilience protection and prevent expensive repairs.

Charlie Parke


Charlie joined the Aquobex team in 2018 after 6 years developing his experience and expertise with a leading competitor.

His passion is in design of innovative solutions which break the mould such as passive flood barriers and level threshold flood doors. That Charlie can bring to realisation complex designs is testament to his talent.

Charlie has worked around the world to project manage for key clients ensuring the installation and testing steps run smoothly, and solving issues on legacy products. Whether up to his waist in water at the test facility or producing 3D desktop models, Charlie's hard work and dedication to quality epitomises why he is part of Aquobex's success.

Nic Ward


With a background in the military and sub-sea engineering, Nic has worked in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. Developing radical and innovative solutions with strict health and safety protocols, Nic was among the first to test flood barriers on a global scale.

Having partnered with government, industry and stakeholder groups to guide them in developing a new sector, Nic has many years’ experience in the design and testing of best-in-class products. He is also an accomplished consultant who has worked on some of the biggest flood protection projects in the USA.

Known for his engineering brilliance within the Aquobex team, Nic is the inventor of world-renowned flood protection barrier Rapidam, awarded Best Invention of the Year on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World.

Nic passed away in December 2018 and will be missed by the whole industry.

Claire Alexander


Claire joined Aquobex at the beginning of 2014 to assist the business with its accounts and general administration work. Having experienced some fundamental progress within the company in the last year, Claire’s responsibilities are now focused on both office and HR management.

Thriving on the challenges that Aquobex meets on a daily basis, Claire supports the team’s headway as they develop new approaches to flood risk management. Following the growth of the company, Claire looks forward to its future innovations.

Davor Predavec


IoT domain of electrical engineering, with its extensive range of applicability is Davor's passion. Whether speaking about communication networks, HW/SW development, security, impact on the society, he will manage to get a detailed picture of the matter and strive to create a broader one in order to deliver the product or a service which serves the wide community.

As a responsible, but ready to play with state-of-the-art technology, Davor is devoted engineer and a hardworking professional always keen to use latter for connecting people, making information flow more fluent and broaden, and ultimately, making the world the better place for living. This is achieved through wide knowledge of ICT, but also psychology and philosophy of engineering, and integrating all the possible domains which one matter can converge to create a synthesis of a product or service.

People’s happiness is the most motivational fuel for Davor’s work. He sees technology as a perfect tool that can serve individuals or a community in technical aspects where there is a lack. Working as a call agent, Quality Engineer and later Manager of IoT, sales person and a rewarded student whose papers are published in known organizations such as IEEE, IHSI and many future others is a relevant fact which shows the great will to make a sustainable cities in future.