If your customers’ properties are not insurable, they immediately lose their value. Our team of experts can install and maintain flood protection technologies for retrofit, reinstatement and new-build properties that can be insured with confidence.

Our best-in-class products are trusted by leading organisations and Aquobex is recognised by all major insurance companies in the industry.

Working with you to protect your customers’ buildings and contents, Aquobex products and expertise allow you to gain more business and ultimately capitalise on market shares.

Our extensive network of partners, knowledge and data allows us to add value to your customers’ assets and help you retain their business.

Mitigating the risks for brokers and customers, we educate the insurance industry’s own loss adjusters and reinsurers to guarantee lower excesses and reduced insurance premiums.

1. Identify the Risk

Our flood risk assessment includes level of risk to a property through detailed modelled data, analysis of flood levels against the finished floor levels and level of specific assets, and inspection of building and contents.

Looking at flood risk from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface water flooding, our indicative data comes from leading industry sources and serves to demonstrate the most effective, insurable solutions.

Once we have a strong understanding of the property, we work with all parties to deliver bespoke flood protection.

We will also assess the use of the building including occupants’ age, ability, staffing levels and response times.

2. Mitigate the Risk

With a thorough understanding of the problem and the potential solutions, we will specify individual systems and construction works to design an overall scheme.

For larger schemes this may include recommendations for changes to operational plan, interim flood protection measures or services to produce immediate benefit.

Considering budgets and working alongside the customer, product recommendations will take account of current best practice, guidance and legislation plus include an allowance for future climate change.

3. Insure the Residual Risk

Our team of qualified experts will install the flood protection through a fully project managed process.

Our best-in-class products are tested and improved where necessary, with ongoing support guaranteeing the performance and safety of the investment.

A completion pack including certificate, O&M manual updates, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract is also made available.

Aquobex offers the most transparent and comprehensive ways to manage flood risk and its consequences.

Our robust process ensures your customers are entitled to the best possible insurance terms and can reduce the exposure levels of self-insure schemes.

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