Aquobex and Niccon announce partnership to offer world-class flood protection to the Japanese market. Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, UK., 8th August 2019, Aquobex Ltd., manufacturer and provider of world-class flood protection solutions, and Niccon, Japan’s leading providers and installers of pools announced a partnership that will offer increased flood resilience to the people of Japan.

By offering Aquobex’s Rapidam and Floodguard lines of products, Niccon will fill the gap in Japanese flood risk management by protecting people from the residual risk that large, engineered flood protection cannot protect against. Japan, like many countries, is witnessing a growing risk of flooding due to climate change and increasing urbanisation that is only exacerbated by the vast amount of other natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and typhoons. Growing urbanisation has led to 75% of Japan’s built capital being located within flood risk areas and the damage to Fukushima in 2011 and the extreme floods in 2018 that killed 225 people only serve to highlight the need for new approaches to flood risk management. Despite an exceptional understanding of risk and risk management, current policy flood risk management in Japan is limited to costly, engineered solutions that offer protection to a limited number of people and buildings leaving an enormous residual risk. Even with the best of Japanese engineering, levee breaches and overtopping are still common, as was seen in the Takama-gawa floods in 2018. With Aquobex’s versatile range of on-building and mobile flood protection solutions that have revolutionised the UK flood protection landscape, the partnership will provide a range of innovative options to government flood risk managers, municipalities, emergency responders, infrastructure companies and the construction industry that is sorely missing in Japan until now.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Niccon to provide our Rapidam and Floodguard ranges in Japan. Niccon are a well-established company and are exactly the kind of trusted company we like to partner with. We are confident that we can work together to offer innovative solutions for flood protection in Japan,” said John Alexander, Managing Director of Aquobex. “Niccon have been in operation for 50 years and we are looking to diversify our company. There is a huge need for the high-quality products that Aquobex offer in Japan and we look forward to working together to protect people better from floods,” said Ryoji Takemura, Chairman of Niccon. To learn more about Aquobex and their Rapidam and Floodguard range of flood protection solutions, please visit and to learn more about Niccon please visit