Aquobex and the first field trials of I-REACT!

Aquobex has played its role in the exciting stage of the first field trials of I-REACT, a disaster management system funded through Horizons2020 and delivered by a consortium of 20 European partners. After 18months of hard work developing technology such as smart glasses, wearable devices, mobile application and the integration tools, Sava Basin Commission has provided an ideal opportunity to evaluate how I-REACT can work in the hands of professional users. What’s more, Sava Basin is a flood sensitive area crossing over national borders so it provides I-REACT the opportunity to improve the inter-working between states. Contributions from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Slovenia have proven invaluable.

This is the first of a number of field trials. 2018 will see further high profile field trials in Italy, Spain, Finland and UK. This will allow further development and refinement in order to make I-REACT the gold standard of disaster management tools.