Aquobex is proud to partner with Aviva to provide best-in-class flood protection products and flood management services tailored to your individual requirements. We aim to provide solutions based upon our pillars of independence, accreditation, guarantees and insurability.

A full service approach.

Our flood solutions are designed and tailored according to flood type, property type, operational requirements if you’re a business customer and other mitigating factors such as response times for manually operated systems. We can specify passive solutions or the complete design and embedding of a robust flood emergency response plan. You can be assured that we’ll cover all aspects of your flood risk.

How can we help?

We offer a comprehensive 7-step process from initial consultation and survey right through to maintenance contracts. However, we can be engaged at any stage of the process. Our 7-step process is outlined below.

Best-in-class products.

We have developed our own patented and certified range of Floodguard doors and barriers, and Rapidam temporary flood barriers. We have also sourced and tested the most innovative and high-quality solutions from around the world for specialist applications for clients such as EDF, PWC and BAe. These are all thoroughly tested at our own test facility at BRE Watford.

For an initial consultation please call 01923 518582 

1. Desktop Flood Report

Our simplified desktop report informs you of flood risk to your property from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface water flooding.

Based on indicative data from leading sources, the report provides a call to action where protection is needed or reassurance that risk is low.

2. Flood Risk Assessment

This extensive analysis covers flood depths and duration, level of risk to your site and water transmitted to surrounding areas.

Our team looks at risk-reduction measures including escape routes, evacuation plans, and ways to aid drainage on natural floodplains.

We can also help you understand surface water risk and the benefits of SUDS.

This assessment is vital for the design criteria of your project.

3. Design & Specification

Our holistic approach incorporates architectural experience with technical product knowledge, navigation of the planning system, topological understanding of flood risk, specification of materials and correct methods of installation.

We understand that any design choices must also consider other aspects of building performance such as energy performance, part-M (disabled access) and other BS standards. We design out the risk from day one.

4. Installation

If you need on-site assistance, we can help with construction details and ensure the right construction and installation methods and materials are used from start to finish.

An experienced project manager will oversee the scheme to ensure minimal disruption to the operation of your business. For large land and property portfolios, we can provide a completely bespoke service.

5. Instruction, Testing & Embedding

With unlimited knowledge of business processes such as BCM plans, flood emergency response plans and their designs, we are able to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business.

Aquobex supplies all operation and maintenance manuals, along with test deployments and training materials. We can also offer on-site guidance and assistance with construction details.

6. Maintenance & Guarantees

Our completion pack will include your certificate, O&M manuals updates, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract to support you and your staff and keep your flood protection in optimum operational condition.

For maintenance contracts, we will carry out a re-inspection and extend your warranty to ensure the best return on your investment. All certificates, warranties and product guarantees are also provided by Aquobex.

7. Insurable Solutions

Aquobex offers transparent and comprehensive ways to manage your flood risk and the effect it can have on your business.

Our robust process ensures you are entitled to the best possible insurance terms and can reduce the exposure levels of self-insure schemes.