Beachside Holiday Cottage


A stone cottage built in the 1800s on Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, its fundamental attraction being its proximity to the sea. A beautiful beach property, it had no history of flooding, yet ever-changing climate conditions and increasingly higher tide levels became a concern.

The owner acknowledged the potential risk of the property flooding in the near future, particularly due to the main entrance of the cottage being one step below ground level. The Smith family have spent a considerable amount of time and money renovating the property while also ensuring they maintain its history and character.


After his decision to install the Flood Safety Door, the owner stated; “By investing in a flood door we have given ourselves peace of mind and protected our investment in this very special property. Aquobex’s professionalism throughout the process of design, build and installation has been exemplary, even though the rough hewn stone from which the building is constructed presented a real challenge to their installation team.”


The door is in complete keeping with the rest of the building and derives from a new range of flood doors based around an innovative approach from Aquobex known as ISIS Technology™, (Integrated Safety and Inundation System). The system includes an inundation device fitted into the lower horizontal frame of the door, which can also be fitted into patio doors and windows. Incorporating an integral warning system that locks the door, the property is protected from risk of floodwater and the user is prevented from injury.

With the a robust flood defence solution in place, even with high tides and torrential rain, the owner’s family are safe in the knowledge that their holiday home will remain protected and resilient against flood risk.