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Waterco engineers required a consultancy-focused company with expert knowledge to work alongside large sewerage companies and water authorities.

Storm conditions in Wrexham, twinned with a serious incapacity of the sewer system, resulted in major sewer flooding to a new estate. The local water authority required an upgrade to the sewerage system but in the meantime, Aquobex had to find a solution to protect the affected properties.


Aquobex worked together with consultant engineers Waterco, on behalf of Welsh Water in Wrexham, to protect 17 properties in this property level protection (PLP) scheme.

Waterco carried out extensive surveying and modelling to provide Welsh Water with a short-term solution whilst the major sewer-upgrading scheme was to be planned, designed and funded. Floodsafe Projects carried out the scheme as specialist advisors and approved installers to Waterco.

Aquobex worked on a number of ideas and presented them with the most suitable solution and the best products for the defences. Being completely independent gave the clients plenty of confidence in choosing the right solution.


Protecting a total of 17 properties, Aquobex installed a series of flood doors and demountable barriers to keep the floodwater out and reduce damage to the contents of each house. In addition, specialist anti-flood airbricks were fitted and numerous sealing works were carried out throughout the buildings.

“David at Aquobex is very knowledgeable in the property protection market, helping us to understand the available solutions (as well as their limitations). We felt that the best solution with the best fit was being proposed, independent of a manufacturer. Products were delivered in a timely manner, and the team were professional and courteous in dealing with all the residents.”
Pedr Jones of Waterco Ltd.