Oak Tree House, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


The location of the property is in a built-up residential area at 72 metres above sea level. Oak Tree House is a newly built detached property with a large basement designed to house a cinema room, bar, gymnasium and wine cellar and which also houses the plant room for this substantial home. Although the basement was originally waterproofed, complete with a drainage system around the external perimeter, water ingress was flooding the basement regularly after heavy and prolonged periods of rainfall. Two sump pumps, which had been retro-fitted into the floor of the basement, were in daily use and the client was considering adding another six sump pumps as a solution to this chronic groundwater/flooding problem.


Our EGRP system effectively cancelled out the hydrostatic pressure around the basement walls and floor, and there was a subsequent 1500mm drop in the level of ground water leading to a completely dried out basement within three months of our installation.

With minimal disruption whilst the install was taking place, and without the need to dig drainage trenches, other building works at the premises were able to continue as normal during our installation. The EGRP system, which in this instance sits 600mm below ground level, does not require any ongoing maintenance or external energy source and once installed enables the homeowner to finish off whatever landscaping/finishing is required at ground level.


• Retro-fit complete drainage system causing no disruption to other construction works
• No outflow to land drainage or soakaway required
• Deals with rainfall at source – recharging groundwater aquifers
• Energy-passive requiring NO external energy source

Homeowner Mr M commented:
“The EGRP system has provided an effective solution for a problem which conventional waterproofing solutions failed to deal with. Ten days into the three week installation the main sump pump was only in use for 20 minutes a day instead of all day and now both pumps have been removed. My basement is dry and work can continue.”

SUDS deployments require planning and designing with professional input from our hydrological partners. If you are planning a new development or are simply experiencing a surface water flooding problem get in touch.