The safety of our staff, partners and customers is of the utmost importance to the board of Aquobex Ltd.

We have implemented new measures to work within and adapt to the advice and instructions of our government authorties. But we are going further and the measures we are taking sit within our basic philosophy of reducing risk by consideration of hazard, exposure, vulnerability and mitigation measures.

If you are due to be in receipt of installation of our flood protection products then rest assured that procedures are now adopted to minimise risk of transmission, notwithstanding that the work is mainly external to the property. This will include ‘social distancing’ and politely refusing the normal hospitality bestowed upon our workers.

For supply-only customers there is currently no disruption to supply of any goods or materials however we continue to monitor closely the situation in areas where these are sourced from. It is likely that some impacts will be felt in the near future as manufacturing and distribution activity becomes affected by tightening of restrictions and regretably by sickness in the workforce.

For our installation partners, manufacuring partners and suppliers of goods, we appreciate that you will have many challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic but we intend to work through these challenges with you.

Our office and technical staff have already implemented remote working with a rosta being used at the office and warehouse. This is seeking to provide maximum service whilst minimising risk to workers. If it takes a little longer to answer the telephone please be patient and consider use of email whereby our team will in due course be able to respond remotely.

Wishing you all well at this difficult time.