A Germany product that we discovered which has which is similar in principle to our own Rapidam product but with different attributes and benefits, that fits into our product range. This barrier needs to be pre-installed into a purpose built trough with in-built water management to protect the barrier’s fabric. Cost effective, easy to install and always on site ready for deployment.

The sketches below show the different component parts of the barrier when it is in use and stored.

  • (1) The in-built water channel that ensures the fabric is kept clean and dry.
  • (2) Connection to local drainage system.
  • (3) Cover and bracing plate.
  • (4) Pre-installed trough housing the Aquaburg barrier.
  • (5) Galvanised steel mesh for added strength.
  • (6) PVC coated fabric flood barrier.
  • (7) Vertical posts connected by rope to simplify installation. Pulling on one pole will raise them all in sequence.
  • (8) Additional foundations, essential for taller barriers.
  • (9) Designed foundation depth as a proportion of…
  • (10) the designed flood height
  • (11) Drainage channel


The barrier is simple and easy to erect in five east steps:

  • (1) Remove the cover plates (3) and set aside
  • (2) Raise the posts (7) by pulling from one end and affix to the wall at each end
  • (3) Raise the fabric barrier (6) and loop over the posts
  • (4) Raise the mesh (5) and loop over the posts as above
  • (5) Place the cover plates (3) as braces for the vertical posts