Floodguard Steel Door


  • Tested independently by BRE to 1.4m flood height, far in excess of PAS1188 standard
  • Zero leakage at 1.4m high
  • Aesthetically pleasing with solid or glazed panels
  • Available in single and double door configurations
  • Inward-opening or outward-opening flood doors
  • No centre support required on double door
  • Also available with standard or panic hardware to enable its use as a fire escape door

A new standard in steel flood proof doors. The Floodguard Steel Door is available in single or double configuration, inward or outward opening.

The steel flood door can be used in all commercial applications for door openings and it can also be used as a fire exit door using discrete and low profile panic hardware.

There is no fixed centre post so the full width of the double door opening can be used for access.

This door has been tested to both 600mm flood height for standard PAS1188-1 applications but also to 1,400mm for specific high flood applications. In all tests zero leakage rates were recorded.