Closed Cell Insulation

Technitherm® is the only cavity wall insulation to pass the BRE Flood Resilience Test. Flood waters can penetrate unprotected cavity walls and cause major damage to the inner leaf, cavity wall ties, standard (fibre, polystyrene bead), cavity wall insulation materials, plaster, electrical appliances, furnishings and decorations.

The cost of removal and/or drying out of saturated standard insulation materials can be exorbitant and highly disruptive for many months once flood waters recede. Technitherm® flood resilient cavity wall insulation is a closed cell, seamless rigid polyurethane system. The solution will resist the passage of flood water ingress through the cavity wall, and the insulation will remain serviceable after the flood water is gone.

Technitherm® cavity insulation is a fundamental process in stabilising and strengthening property walls in preparation for flood risk, enabling them to withstand greater pressures from exerting flood water and debris. A cost-effective alternative to metal cavity tie replacement, the flood defence method fundamentally delivers excellent thermal insulation and is readily available through the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding.