Drop Down Barrier

Suitable for large-width vehicular entrances, the flood barrier is lowered into position for the duration of a flood, being retracted and hidden above the entrance when not required. A reasonable height clearance is a requirement for both internal and external mounting.

The drop-down flood defence uses direct-drive electric motors to firmly lock the barrier into place, with a dead-stop breaking system for extra safety. Further flood protection measures also allow the barrier to be manually raised and lowered via a pulley system that overrides the motorised drive.

Touch and motion systems, smoke and water detectors and security alarms can all be activated to trigger the braking system. In the event of a mains power supply failure, a 24-volt backup system ensures the flood defence can still be put in place.

Available in a variety of colours, the drop-down flood barrier adapts to the different circumstances of each case and is manufactured to the exact size of a vehicular entrance up to a maximum of 6.25m.