Rapidam Tube

Rapidam Tube is a temporary and recyclable flood defence that can protect a group of properties from flood risk. Easy to use, with an anti-rolling patented design and ergonomically designed handles, the dam is manufactured from high tensile PVC-coated polyester. Classified as water filled tube according to DEFRA classification of temporary flood barriers.

The unit is highly suitable for water authorities, councils, civil engineering contractors and for use in the reconstruction of waterways and rivers. Protecting properties, businesses and communities threatened by flood risk, the dam can be stored and quickly deployed upon notification of flood warning.

Rapidam Tube is rapidly assembled through laying out dams into the correct position and pumping floodwater into the appropriate inlet ports with the use of a hose. Once the breather port begins to overflow, the flood barrier is full and can be capped off, later deflating as the floodwater is emptied. Once the flood barrier is dry it is simply rolled away into storage until further notification of flood risk.

The defence is most effective as a temporary cofferdam when required to create a dry working area in the repair of canals, river banks and other water courses. Aquobex offers a sale or full deployment and recovery hire service through our partners. With competitive hire rates, the unit is a much more appropriate method than pile driving and the use of mechanical equipment near river courses.

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