With a patented adjustment system, Floodgate is unique in that it does not require any permanent fittings to a property, and with no need for preparation, is extremely quick to position. When the temporary defence is not in use, no sign of flood protection is left behind, eliminating the possibility of damage to a property through assembly. This also makes it an effective method for heritage or listed buildings.

Featuring a blue neoprene cover, the floodgate simply screws into place using an integral scissors jack that expands the unit into the gap of a doorway. Similar screw-down bolts achieve a watertight seal along its base. When fitting to doors that are not recessed, vertical timber frames are required on either side for the floodgate to expand into. An advantageous feature of the barrier is that it can be easily positioned without the assistance of an installation team.

The floodgate is available in a height of 680mm, with single panel barriers available in widths from 660mm to 1700mm. Wider widths can be accommodated by installing mid-section stanchions that allow up to three panels to be used in a system. In addition, airbrick covers are available in single and double sizes.