Floodguard Curtain Wall

  • Passive flood protection
  • Flood doors (designed to PAS1188-1:2014) available for access points
  • Blast-rating, fire-rating, hurricane-rating and thermal-rating available
  • Glass provided according to specification
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Narrow 60mm sight-lines
  • Framing depth 90mm, 140mm & 180mm

Building beautiful buildings in the flood-zone is finally possible. No longer do demountable flood barriers have to be added on and potentially compromise the aesthetic or operation of a building. Enginereed for specific flood protection heights and seamlessly integrated into non-flood curtain walling above. Built-in, passive and aesthetically-pleasing flood protection. The new Floodguard Curtain Wall system is also the most cost-effective solution when compared with add-on demountable flood barriers or more expensive self-operating flood barriers.

Designing a beautiful, functional building within the competing constraints about security, fire, blast and flood finally becomes possible.


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