Rapidam Rigid


  • Metal temporary (mobile) flood barrier 1100mm, 1800mm and 2500mm high
  • Unlimited lengths at 2500mm centres
  • Easy to install from the safe (dry) side of the barrier
  • Once bottom beam is installed a 200mm barrier is in place
  • Optional ground sheet for use over uneven ground and to improve sliding resistance
  • Fast and flexible deployment with mimimal parts and complexity
  • Solid and stable design provides great confidence
  • No sheet membrane required – just stack up the beams and compress them down

Rapidam Rigid is completely removable barrier for use in floods up to 1100mm high. The barrier is easily deployed by two men and deployment is rapid. Classified as a rigid frame barrier according to Environment Agency (UK) classification of temporary flood barriers.

The suggested method of deployment is to erect the trestles and insert the bottom beam along the entire length of the protection area. This ensures you have an easily installed flood barrier at an initial height of approximately 200mm. As the flood waters continue to rise the subsequent beams can be added a row at a time until the full height of the barrier is achieved.

All of this deployment is achievable from the safe (dry) side of the barrier meaning your operatives are never trapped on the wet side of the barrier in rising waters.

An optional ground sheet is available that is mechanically connected to the bottom most beam. The ground sheet is between 1.5m and 3m wide and aids the sealing across uneven ground. At this width and being mechanically connected to the mobile flood barrier it also helps to prevent sliding in fast moving flood water. Additionally the feet have holes so ground anchors can be used to secure them, especially in soft ground and at greater flood depths.

The beams and trestles (legs) are supplied on purpose built stillages to ease transport to site and off-loading for deployment.