Accredit Roller Shutter Door

The Roller Shutter is a flood defence product for doors and entrances, with patented autosensing and automatic operation against flooding. The highly effective flood protection is active 24 hours a day, and operates automatically when a water level sensor detects that it is being attacked by flood water. For use on a variety of building types, infrastructure and areas of the community, this flood control product provides a highly durable solution.

With an impressive rate of 99% water resistance, the shutter is impact-certified with a safety guarantee of IR sensors and UPS systems. The Roller Shutter has maximum flood protection efficiency with waterproof and pressure capabilities that surpass the highest levels of testing (tested at TUV Rheinland).

The automatic features of the flood barrier also provide an alternative anti-theft solution, making the defence a multi-functional solution for the protection of homes and properties worldwide. The proactive flood defence is available in a full range of sizes custom-made upon request to suit the needs of any property or building type.


  • Autosensing and automatic operation
  • Protection is active 24 hours a day
  • Impressive rate of 99% water resistance
  • Capabilities that surpass the highest levels of testing
  • Ideal for public transport hubs, stations and subways