Spring Dam

Spring Dam is the result of ongoing innovation and flood control development since the year 2008. An in-situ flood defence system deployed by manual rotation, the unit retracts back into the ground when dormant, forming part of the path, roadway or equivalent. The flood barrier can be used as a single unit at an opening or a series of units forming a continuous wall.

Energy stored within torsion springs (and re-energised each time the slab is lowered) assists the manual lifting of the wall to a 90-degree angle. Props support the vertical slab against subsequent flood water pressure, with vertical seals installed between units or end walls.

With a design life of 50 years, the flood barrier rests on a concrete base and is produced from galvanised steel or an equally robust material to suit its surroundings. The props and seals are stored on the underside of the slab, the only installation equipment required upon arrival to mobilise, being a key to unlock the flood defence system.

Speed of mobility and easy maintenance render this floodgate ideal in the event of a flood emergency, with the system permanently available and without the need for off-site storage or transportation. Anti-vandal protection is also available for the defence.

Units vary in length dependent on size and weight; the typical length being 3m, with grouped units available in unlimited numbers.

Made in Britain