Floodbreak Vent Protector

• Passive flood defence system
• Protects exposed air vents
• Above and below ground applications
• Seals to the height of the water
• Custom sized to fit the opening
• For partial or full coverage of openings

The FloodBreak Vent Protector provides permanent, passive flood protection with minimal airflow disruption for vulnerable fan plants, vents and window openings, above and below ground.

The passive flood barrier system is a series of buoyant louvered panels enclosed within an aluminum box and shelf structure providing protection to the designed flood elevation. As the floodwater rises, the panels “float” into position, lifted by the water. Wiper seals stop the water from going around the panel edges.

Only panels affected by the flood are raised leaving the remaining louvers open in minor flood events, allowing continued ventilation of spaces and equipment.

The Vent Protector can be custom sized in both horizontal and vertical configurations to fit any vulnerable vent opening regardless of height or length. The system can utilize a single panel or a series of panels and can be installed either inside an existing vent opening or surface mounted. It can be covered with wire mesh or be installed behind existing gratings. Its flexibility makes it ideal for below ground applications such as underground transport and below ground power stations.