Rapidam Flexi


Rapidam Flexi is available in three types to allow for maximum flexibility and allows the barrier to be used on soft and hard surfaces, areas where minimal footprint is available and as a mobile or semi-mobile deployment.

See here for details on each barrier type.

The Stand Up (SU) version will also require a concrete beam to be installed. Find out more.
More information on Corners & End Seals.
The Joining System is used to connect sections (maximum section length of 120m) of Rapidam Flexi to create unlimited lengths. Joining Systems can be used to connect any length of barrier to ease deployment or to overcome obstacles.
1 unit per 1.5m of barrier. Earth Anchors are used to secure the Freestanding version when used on soft ground. A ratcheting T-handle is available to speed up insertion of the earth anchors. You will need one per 2m of barrier.
1 unit per 2m of barrier. Bolt Assemblies are used to secure the Stand Up and Tip Forward versions to the ground beam. See this document for more information.