When is a flood door not a flood door?

When it is ajar or, more relevantly, when it has usurped or bypassed the BSI Kitemark certification

There is a very low threshold of entry to the flood protection industry and it is populated by industry players with a wide range of competency, certification and ethics. We at Aquobex take our role as industry leaders seriously and we seek to develop high quality products, reliable installers and leave our clients satisfied with a real prospect of obtaining flood insurance cover. We have helped to draft the forthcoming British Standard and have had input into the new industry code of practice.

It is easy to focus on the deficiencies of the flood protection industry, but it is a market totally dependent on government funding in its various forms. It is therefore incumbent on government agencies and local authorities to grasp the nettle. The focus on price allows low standards to permeate through poor products standards to people’s homes eroding confidence in property-level flood resilience by end users and insurers.

Read about the problems with residential flood doors, and how Aquobex is standing up against the industry malpractices and market failures. Feature published in PBC Today.

Don’t buy a flood door without reading this first!

When is a flood door not a flood door?